Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cross Monday Week 52

Well here it is - week 52!!!  I feel it deserves lots of exclamation marks!  A whole year of effort has gone into this project, and yet it is still a long way from completion!  Blogging about it each week has meant that I have stitched every week, some weeks more than others, but still, I think that is a massive achievement! 

So what's left to do?  Ignoring the big gap in the middle, I need to finished the blue flowers on the left hand side, and then complete every second flower on the outside (they are going to be pink).  Then there's lots of finishing off of stitches to do where I have stitched the first stitch but not crossed it with the second - this is mainly the gold and the green on the outer vine  and well as the single line going around the outside.  On the inside, there's the red chain to finish off on the top and right hand side.  None of which is particularly taxing, but I am getting rather bored of doing the flowers - might just be time for a change!

Then there is that big space in the middle... this is the space that I have created.  The pattern would have been complete by now, but the point of this sampler for me is to create a memento for Little Owl.  In this space will go her full name and date of birth.  I have been holding off on doing it as the letters which came with the kit would look too small in this big space.  They are 11 squares high, to give you scale, the vine going across the centre is 22 stitches high.  I think I really want the letters to be about 18 stitches high, but I'm not sure.  However the good news this week is that my mother in law has just lent me this book - so I hope to get started on them soon!
So here's to the next 6 months!  I should get it completed easily within that time, but exam marking season is soon upon us and I do tend to stitch less in the summer months!

Meanwhile - here's a look back at the last year (more photos to be added but I have to collect Little Owl from nursery!)

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you've been doing this for a year. It looks amazing, I'm sure it'll be beautiful when it's finished.


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