There are lots of common features which I write about on my blog, for example, if you search for Little Owl, you will get nearly every post I have ever written, but if you search for Little Owl @ 2, you will find the posts I wrote as she reached her second birthday where as monthly updates will let you know how she grew and changed each month to get there.

A regular Little Owl feature is her Owlfit of the Week series where she shows off best clothes, but Little Owl also features regularly in Silent Sunday

I often write about our family life, and things we get up to such as days out or our adventures in Bonfire season (its a Sussex thing!)

We all love to travel in the Owl household, and you can read about our adventures in India and Holland.

I also like to showcase my craft projects with weekly updates which you can find on Knitting Fridays and Cross Mondays (this is a cross-stitch project and not just because I have the grumps on Monday!).  I also love to sew, but I am very much a beginner and tend to have help!

Papa Owl and I are renovating our house, although the progress can be very slow!  I also share some of the small improvement we make to our home along the way too. 

I write about me sometimes too!  Whether that's about teaching or Guiding, or just my ramblings. Every now and again, I get a bee in my bonnet about something and you can find me upon my soapbox!

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