Thursday, 4 December 2014

Owlfit of the Week

Little Owl has been a very poorly owl this past week and so was barely out of her pjs!  Luckily these gorgeous snuggly clothes had recently dropped through the letter box and were ready for just such an occasion!

The top is the Little Mia Pointelle from Frugi.  I bought it their recent flash sale, but its still available at full price of £14.  I've had my eye on this for a while, as LittleOwl had one last year and is honestly the softest item of clothing she has owned!  It was the top I always reached for when she was going to spend a long time traveling, and the one she wore when we flew to India.  This is the age 2-3 top and still has lots of room to grow! 

The trousers are from me&i and cost £20.  I've been toying with getting these for a while and I'm so pleased I have.  They have a thick waist band which is adjustable.  The long ankle cuffs give the trousers a lovely shape but also mean that they aren't obviously too big at them moment.  They are sized 98/104 which some brands say is 2-3 while others say 3-4.  Either way, she'll be in them for a while!

So that's my poorly LittleOwl.  Apologies if I didn't get round to commenting on your posts last week, I'll do my best to get round everyone this week.  Meanwhile...
Frugi in India
... here is LittleOwl in India wearing last seasons pointelle top, which still fits, in the first ever Owlfit of the Week post!! 

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  1. Two very lovely outfits. The skirt is just gorgeous x

  2. Fab outfits, the trousers look so so comfy! Get well soon Little Owl. #TT_Thursday

  3. So cute! The trousers remind me of Jasmin's in Aladdin. Hope Little Owl is better now. #TT_Thursday


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