Thursday, 11 December 2014

Owlfit of the Week

I love it when an Owlfit comes together unplanned and looks amazing!  The brown 'bear' dress is a hand-me-down from Gap and I've just been unsure as to whether I like it or not.  Its been in storage for a year or more, been washed at least twice, moved around in the wardrobe and finally been sat in the 'dress drawer' all lonely for several weeks.

My mum bought the top from Boots a few weeks ago as part of a set of 3, and this one is my favourite.  I know I don't normally go for pink, but the grey stripes and the mustard edging on the neck are great, so when I spotted the matching tights I grabbed them.  The tights also came as a set of 3, but the other two pairs don't match the other tops!

Anyhow - I'm dead chuffed at how these all look together - and her mustard shoes from Livie and Luca set if off perfectly!

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  1. Well I love the dress! It's super cool and super cute! #TT_Thursday

  2. Love the dress. Really works well with the pink and mustard too. Not a combination I'd usually have thought of going well together. #FunkyKidFriday

  3. Beautiful outfit! Its certainly a "fist pump" moment when an outfit works out well. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  4. OMG I love this outfit!! Gorgeous!! #TT_Thursday

  5. Love those colours together. That dress is lovely!


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