Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cross Monday Week 44

Phew!  I feel like I have achieved a lot this week.  All I have left on this section is to complete the bars.  Part of me feels that I should leave them for when I have friends over, or when I next get a train, as they don't require much concentration.  But another part of me wants to 'complete' this section...

My next quandary is, well, the next section.  The patterns I have for letters are all 11 stitches high.  This gives me plenty of space to make a second vine, and complete all of LittleOwl's name, and date of birth with some left over.  The thing is, that vine at the bottom is 22 stitches high, so I'm worried that the letters will look too small.  So I'm looking for some bigger letters - 18-20 stitches high maybe.

Wish me luck!

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