Sunday, 1 February 2015

Cross Monday Week 45

OK, so I'm nearly a week late in posting this week's Cross Monday, but I can assure you that I did take this photo last Monday!  I have been very poorly this week, and uploading photos was not top in my mind. 

While I'm looking for bigger letters, I have decided to continue with the border around the outside.  I wasn't sure weather it would be best to take the gold or the red around first, but after doing a bit of each, I have decided to complete the gold first and do the red next.  I have also done some more to the bars in the middle.  I have a lot of half finished stuff at the moment, the bars, the red chain on the inside of the border, and to cross the green on the outside boarder.  They are all bits I have saved, because they are easy, but while still a long way off, the end is just about visible on the horizon, so all of these bits need doing soon!

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