Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Natural Sensory Play

Little Owl just loves to explore the outdoors and we are very lucky to have a park nearby with several sets of swings, large grass areas, a café, plenty of ponds and some great wooded areas too!
The leaves on the floor at this time of year are just great fun and we don't get to walk very far as Little Owl wants to stop and look at everything! 
 There were sticks...

 And plenty of leaves!
We took a small bag with us so Little Owl could take some of these things home.
Two days after our visit to the park, I gave Little Owl her bag of bits and let her explore.
 At first she took one leaf out at a time, looked at it then put it back in. 
The holly leaf caused a lot of interest!
 After a bit, Little Owl realised that she was only seeing the same leaves over and over,
and it was time to empty the bag properly!
 She had a great time exploring the different textures.
 Watching the leaves fall back to the table.
In the park, Little Owl is always distracted by the next thing she has spotted and so it was great to see her taking her time over all the items.
After Little Owl had finished, most of her collection went in the bin
but I kept a few interesting bits to come out again.

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