Monday, 30 December 2013

Little Owl @ 20 months

20 months!  Doesn't that sound all so grown up!  A very dear friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this month and its just made me realise how far Little Owl has come from those hazy new born days, she's definitely not a baby anymore!

After bobbing up and down for a few weeks, I'm pretty sure all four canines have finally broken through!
Signs and Speech
Little Owl's communication is coming on brilliantly.  When she first started signing, it was all about immediate wants, it then moved on to things she was observing such as passing seagulls and dogs.  But now it has progressed onto her telling me about things that have happened in the past.  A couple of weeks ago I got home from work and she couldn't wait to tell me that Granddad had been to visit, that the cats were outside and that she had eaten all the snacks in her pot!
What's new?
Little Owl is down to 4 floats at swimming!!!  However, she is struggling a bit with that so I don't see us dropping any more any time soon, especially with the Christmas break but hopefully we will be swimming daily in India so we can catch up!

Little Owl has also started reacting to CBeebies - she'll get up and dance when they play the music in Show Me Show Me and even copies the moves on Carrie and David's Pop Shop!

Finally, Little Owl is getting better control of her fork and insists on holding a knife too, pointing the tip of it to the food her fork is on - it looks like she is using it properly but she doesn't understand that we cut with it!

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