Thursday, 19 December 2013

This time next month I will be in India!

Gosh - doesn't that sound close?  But with a week until the jolly red man drops down the chimney its really taken a back seat at the moment!

The important thing is that we now have our Indian Visas - actually, in the end I was really impressed with the service - I posted our passports off on the Tuesday and they were back in my hand on Saturday!

I've also started to gather a few little bits together that I want to take. 
I know what you are thinking... that's not a lot for 10 days away with a toddler huh? But these are a few bits that I don't want to forget!

The yellow packet contains disposable bibs that I got given as a freebie when Little Owl was small... I've never tried them as, well, I don't often use disposable nappies or wipes but I figured as I have them, then I might as well use them. 
Several people have recommended that I take plasters instead of stickers on the plane so Little Owl can stick and re-stick without getting them permanently stuck to the plane!
The earplugs I got for Bonfire as Little Owl refused to wear her ear defenders this year!  She seemed quite happy to have them in her ears so worth a go!
Finally my bling!  There will be one night where we put on our new saris (yup - going to buy another one) and dress up in our finest to enjoy a traditional Maharashtrian dinner.  This will be the first time I have visited India since I got married and am looking forward to being able to wear my Mangal Sutra.  My trefoil earrings are also for this evening, they don't come out often as they are very 'geeky girl guide' but they have fond memories for me, I bought them in Taxco, Mexico when I spent a summer volunteering at Our Cabana.

So um... that's it!  Think I'm going to be panic stations in the new year - particularly as I might have a new job or two!

But I've learnt the sign for gecko!

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  1. Reading this has made me very excited for you. I wish I was joining on this trip to India. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. I think there will be lots that has changed but also plenty that is just as you remember it. I look forward to photos and stories. Sara x


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