Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hastings Pier

I've been out most evenings this week on my new bike and there's always something to see on the seafront but I struck gold on Thursday when I saw the arrival of the jack-up-bridge at Hastings Pier.  It's here to take away the mangaled remains of the Old Ballroom which once hosted famous acts such as The Who, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and many many more.  In my youth, the ballroom was the venue for an under 16s disco, a laser quest and a night club for the many foreign students who visit the town each summer to learn english.  It really has been remarkable how the town has come together to raise funds for the rebuilt. 

The photos aren't great as I only had my phone on me, which was the same on the morning I discovered the pier was on fire.  On that occasion I ran down to the seafront before work, trying to assess just how bad things were.  They were bad, and the whole town sat in a fog of smoke that day.  Today though, the sun is shining and the pier is standing firm.


  1. Bye bye ballroom, bye bye coasters! I have lots of memories of going there as a teenager. I miss Hastings x


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