Thursday, 18 September 2014

Owlfit of the Week

You might recognise these shorts from an Owlfit a few months ago.  I bought them in TK Max and Little Owl wore them loads last autumn before growing out of them.  When I shared a photo of her wearing them for an owlfit, I wondered if she could fit in them now she is out of nappies - well as you can see she can!  They aren't going to fit for much longer but I'm so pleased that I squeezed a bit more wear out of them!

The green smock was from a set of four from Marks & Spencers which have been worn and worn and worn this summer - definitely a good purchase!  The jacket is a hand-me-down from H&M, and of course, the shoes are from Livie and Luca.
Little Owl wearing the shorts last year

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  1. What a great idea to re-use the shorts now she's out of nappies. Very cool little outfit! Popping over from Medicated Fashion.

  2. That's great they've lasted longer. I love the outfit.

    I kept all N's shorrts from last year as friends had said exactly the same - to keep for once he's out of nappies. But only 2 pairs fit (those that were way too big last year), the crotch was too short or didn't fit round the waist). Shame, so I still had to buy all new

  3. Great outfit, its always nice when you can get extra wear out of something!

  4. What lovely shorts they are! I really like the burnt orange/ruset type colour. I found the same when my eldest was out of nappies, I quite liked getting longer out of clothes!

  5. Gorgeous outfit - as always!! Thanks for joining in with #TT_Thursday xx

  6. They look nice and stylish as capris - good idea to try them again!


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