Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Itchy Feet

I love to travel, its part of who I am, what makes me me.  Ever since I took my first trip abroad without my parents at 13, I have always managed to get away somewhere every year.  That was until this year.  The hot summer (can you remember that?) meant that we made a last minute decision to stay in the UK for our camping holiday.  We had a great time but as the end of the year drew closer I just couldn't rest easy with the idea that I hadn't left the country at all in 2013, I mean, when you live an hour from Folkstone its just plain lazy!
So late on Sunday night after Little Owl was tucked up in bed, we booked ourselves onto Eurotunnel and set the alarm for 4:45am Monday morning, not sure why as Little Owl has been waking us up at 4:30 for the last week, and she didn't let us down!
Its been a few years since we have travelled through the tunnel, its just not the same as going on the ferry, you don't get that same feeling of leaving the UK.  Even on Eurostar you arrive at a station in a new country, but with the tunnel you are just shot out at the other side and if wasn't for your phone telling you that you are now connected to "Orange F" you could be forgiven for going the wrong way round the round-about!
The weather was shocking - in fact that was why we didn't go by ferry as we weren't sure our stomachs could take it!  It would have been lovely to explore a new town, find somewhere small to eat lunch but, well, we forgot to take a sling with us and with the clouds getting closer we hopped over the fence to Cite Europe!  They had some beautiful Christmas decorations up which Little Owl loved to look at, and when walking got too much we got her a 'car trolley' to ride in.  She loved that!
Sat waiting to get the train back home, passports in my hand, it suddenly struck me - I'M GOING TO INDIA IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!!! Oh boy!
We also learnt another important lesson today, don't try to keep your toddler happy in the back on the car by giving her lots to eat, and then a pencil and paper to play with... you'll regret it when you hit those bendy roads joining Kent to Sussex.

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