Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Adventure Playground

We've just discovered the most wonderful place in the world!  No take that back, its like another world!  Little Owl and I have been looking for new groups to join, having grown out of our baby groups, we had yet to find a place we felt happy where Little Owl could play with kids her age and older.  We really wanted a place for Little Owl to play outside too, but thinking that was too much to ask for, I had even started to look at some local nurseries that offered regular outdoor adventures.

But then I discovered THE ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND!  The adventure playground is aimed at 8-13 year olds "to experience play opportunities that are often difficult to find elsewhere in the town.
Adventure and taking risks is an important part of growing up and it is through play that children learn about themselves and the world around them

When I first heard about the adventure playground, I thought Little Owl was far too young, but then I heard that they also ran toddler and pre-school sessions there too!  Its hard to describe, but I feel a bit like I've stepped into Biker Grove, while other parents have said it reminds them of Why Don't You?!

The playground is set in a valley, right by the railway line which all the kids love, stopping whatever they are doing to wave at passing trains.  There's a large industrial building and lots of outside space to explore.  I love the rough and ready appearance of the playground, and the wooden climbing frame.
We did a bit of exploring and found this secret garden that looks like its been forgotten for a while.

Tucked in the corner of the playground is a sandpit.  Its not the beautiful play sand that you find in modern playgrounds or sandpits, but, well, normal dirty sand!  Bits of grass growing in it, stones that have migrated that way.  But there's toys to play with and tyres to sit on - what more could you want?
A slide at the edge of the playground takes you down into the woods.  The slide is one of those steep metal ones that I remember from my childhood, but as it goes down the bank, you don't need to worry about toddlers climbing up steep ladders - Little Owl has fallen off the top of a slide so I am a little nervous.  In the wood, you can find swings and tree houses and Little Owl's favourite - a zip wire!  I was really surprised she was able to do it on her own, although she does need a hand to get on it!
Further into the woods and Little Owl finds her own little house, which she loves, but she never gets to stay for long as its usually snack time. All the kids get a drink of squash (or water) and there's a platter of chopped up fruit for them to help themselves to.  Meanwhile the mums get a big mug of tea!

Inside there is plenty to explore.  I didn't capture all of it (and was trying to keep other kids out of the photos).  There's a huge pile of dressing up clothes, a piece of gym equipment to climb onto and jump off onto crash mats, a piano to play, a table set up for painting (including covers for the children) and various toy kitchens and work benches dotted around the place.  There's probably loads I missed out on too.
Back outside the building to where we came in and there's a covered outside area which I can imagine is a blessing in the winter.  All sorts of different activities are put out here including my favourite - the muddy messy play!  Little Owl loved it too, and it was great to be somewhere where she really could just play and no one minded if she dropped mud on the floor.

Can you believe we packed all of this in to just two hours?!!  For only £2.50 too!  The adventure playground has fast become one of our favourite places to go, and with it open on 3 mornings including a Saturday, we can always fit it into our week somewhere!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks amazing! Where is it?

  2. Sort of behind the college in Ore. You can get to it from either side of the railway. Pretty sure its available to hire for scouts etc x

  3. What a great find and at such a very reasonable price. It looks like Little Owl had a wonderful time exploring all the activities there. Thanks for linking and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  4. She really looks at home in there! Thats a nice place and their goal is amazing. #countrykids


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