Thursday, 28 August 2014

Owlfit of the Week

As we are in Holland this week, I thought it only right to share one of Little Owl's Dutch outfits that I bought on our last trip here in June.  Both the hoody and the shorts come from a shop called Hema which is a department store selling low priced products.  It was only after I bought them that I spotted the label on the shorts saying 'boy' - oh well!  I love the wide waist band on the hoody and the big cuffs, which as well as looking good, help to keep Little Owl snug too!

The hat from H&M is beginning to look a bit small (I think its age 6-9 months) and is soon to be put away, and with the recent cooler weather, I suspect the days of the Livie and Luca sandals are numbered too!  But not to worry - I've just ordered Little Owl some more Livie and Luca shoes!

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  1. Cute owlfit! I especially like the hoody. Lucky you being in Holland, I like it there!

  2. Super cute outfit, and another holiday aquired outfit! I do wonder if Little Owl ever had the change to wear the Sari?? Sorry for the delay in comments, its been a hectic week #TT_Thursday

  3. She looks gorgeous! Syd often wears boys clothes too. They tend to fit her better round the waist atm. Thanks for linking up with #TT_Thursday xx


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