Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bathroom Layout

Papa Owl and I have started planning our bathroom layout.  We'd had a few rough sketches of how we thought things would go, but hadn't actually measured the room to see if it would fit.  The room is currently two room, which we will return to one.  The current three doors will be reduced to two, one to enter the bathroom from the house, one to enter the garden from the bathroom!

I did a bit of searching on the internet and came across a bathroom planner on bathstore.com.  It was a bit clunky but very quickly gave me a scaled layout and the ability to add baths, showers etc.  It soon became apparent that the only way we were going to fit in a toilet, sink, shower and bath was if the bath was to sit in the middle of the room.  We thought a free standing bath would be a luxury that we couldn't justify, but the extra door in the bathroom means we just haven't got the wall space to fit it all in otherwise!
I'm quite excited by this!  We currently have a shower over the bath so it will be fantastic to have a separate shower.  Having a toilet in the bathroom will make it so much easier with Little Owl.

While I was busy clicking away at the laptop, Papa Owl had dug out some square paper, a ruler and a pencil and had been busy creating a scaled diagram.

Papa Owl hasn't included the chimney on his diagram as we are planning on taking it out.  While it took a little longer to set up, Papa Owl's diagram is much more tactile and easier to change than the online diagram.  It took a bit of work looking up different sizes of baths and showers but it gave us a lot more flexibility.  Going for a central bath has also given us the wall space to have a large shower.  Another luxury but does mean it will be possible to take a shower with Little Owl.
I've been quite drawn by this style of shower which I have been told is an "off set quad".  It gives us the space inside the shower, but by softening the corner, allows more room outside to walk through what might be a pinch point between the shower and the bath.  

We are still very unsure of the style of bathroom we want.  Do we go with a Victorian bathroom which will keep in style with the house but limit us on some choices, or do we go with contemporary which allows us to add sunken spots lights bringing much needed light to a very dark room?

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