Thursday, 13 November 2014

Owlfit of the Week

I LOVE this pixie hooded coat!  I picked it up at a flea market in Lille (that's a post I really need to write) for €20 and I'm so glad I did!  I wasn't sure of the size as Little Owl wasn't with me, but in the end it came down to the fact it was the only one!  It's quite thick and a snug fit which keeps Little Owl super warm, and I love the off centred zip, and how it matches the tip off the hood.

It just so happens that we have some matching cord trousers!  They are from M&S and I found them on ebay, they featured in one of my first owlfit posts!
Not many of Little Owl's trousers still fit from last winter but luckily these still do!  I love the detailing on them, and the colour just happens to be my favourite!

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  1. What an awesome hoody! Love it!! :-) x

  2. That hoodie is AMAZING!! Sooo beautiful! I'd wear that myself!! PS I love how your items are always from really exotic places - You'll shock me one of these days with a Sainsburys outfit hehe!! #TT_Thursday

    1. I would definitely wear it myself but they never do them in my size! I doubt you'll see LittleOwl in a Sainsbury's owlfit - I always love them on other people but stare blankly at the rails when I go to look!

  3. What a fab hoody, very bright and I love the angled zip. So unique! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday


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