Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Small Changes. Big Difference.

Last weekend was one of getting jobs done, nothing too exciting, just small little jobs, but some of them have had a huge impact on our home!
Firstly the light had gone on  the first landing, which is a dark enough spot as it is without any natural light.  We put a brighter bulb in and a larger shade and its lightened the whole hall way up massively!

Second was a new toilet seat!  Little Owl couldn't get on to the toilet herself with her seat on there so we have invested in a 'family' toilet seat!  Little Owl loves it and again, the room seems brighter having gone from a black to a white seat.
Then it was the turn of the coat rack!  This came with the house and we've just carried on using it.  Little Owl's play kitchen sits underneath it, which didn't leave her much space to play as she grows taller.  The new bulb upstairs has helped to lighten another dark corner so we decided to raise the coat rack by about 6 inches.  This was going to mean a stretch for me to hang my coat but would really make it a nicer space to play for Little Owl (why can I hear all my teachers saying "there's no such word as nicer"?)

The trouble is, we took off the coat rack and our hallway suddenly felt light and spacious!  But we couldn't not have a coat rack... so we found another spot!  Just behind the front door! So obvious but we never thought it would fit there, the fit is actually so perfect that we think it was made for that space!  As an added bonus, it makes the entrance to our house seem so cosy and homely - love it!
There was one other small change this weekend - picked up my new glasses from Frames In the Lanes too!  So far only my mother and one student have noticed but I have had a few compliments on my hair!  

My old glasses had seen better days!  Love the news ones though!
Aren't they fun!
Love Chic Living and Love Your Home


  1. It's amazing how a few small jobs can make all the difference isn't it. Totally love your new glasses :) xx

  2. I like the idea of a family toilet seat. We could of done with one of those when are two were a bit younger #LoveYourHome

  3. Just a few jobs can make all the difference, cant't they? #loveyourhome


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