Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out with the Old and in with the New

Well that's 2013 over with!  At first glances, I can't see that I have done much this year, and I guess that's partly why I started this blog so I could keep a record.  It was of course our first complete year with Little Owl in our lives, and what a pleasure that has been!
Here's what else I did in 2013:
So what's the plan for 2014?
I love new years, perhaps that's why I became a teacher as you get an extra one in September! I like the excitement of planning ahead, knowing that in the next 12 months life will have moved on for better or worse from where we are now and being an eternal optimist, I always believe the new year is full of new hope, and just maybe this is the year that I'll find the magic cure to make me the 'perfect 10'?
This year is different though. I just can't see where it is headed.  Partly this is due to the fact I haven't got a job, again. I know when I spoke about the new year in September, I was in a similar position and then BANG, within an hour I received a phone call and had a job to take me up to Christmas. I know this could happen again, or it might not. There are only 2 school weeks before I go to India and I guess I am struggling to get my head around starting a new job in such a short time. I think my new year might start when I get back!
But what is a new year without some resolutions? I'm setting myself a few which I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks before I go to India...
  • For Christmas, Papa Owl bought me Zumba Fit 2 for the Wii. Now I'm not going to claim to get abs like the dancer in the game but I think it might be feasible to have a dance every day until I fly? That's not setting the bar too high now is it!
  • I want to write more on this blog too, its been just shy of 5 months since I started blogging and with the craziness of December, I've got loads of half finished posts to do - so apologies in advance for the chrissmassy themed posts in January! Actually this is one resolution that I would like to carry all the way through 2014, write more and write better. Sometimes I find it easy to write, other times I struggle and I think it shows. But I like to know people are reading my blog, enjoying it and coming back to read more, so I need more content and that content needs to be good!
  • About a week before Christmas, we had a whole load of Ikea furniture delivered, I'd like to get it all made so I can get everything tidied away into them, even if its not fully sorted.
Have you set yourself any resolutions, either short or long term?


  1. I've just stumbled across your blog and see we are living parallel teacher/guider/knitter/mummy lives. I'll definitely be back to read more!
    nicky x

    1. How exciting to find another Guider blogger! I've had a sneaky peek at your blog to and will defo read more! Can I ask - how did you find me?

    2. From this post But I have no idea how I found that. too much clicking!


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