Friday, 31 January 2014

Dear Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae

Its nearly a year since you went to sleep.  The blogging community were in shock and they shared your tale in the hope of making some sense of it all.

That's how I heard of you, of your Mummy and Daddy and your big brother and sister.  Someone shared a link and I read of how you had gone to sleep and did not wake up.

Like many others, I cried for you although I had not met you. You were just a week younger than Little Owl, too young to go. Far too young.

Like many others, Little Owl has received extra kisses and cuddles, with thoughts of you.  The nights I laid with her for just a bit longer, thinking how lucky I was, and how sad your Mummy must be.

I continued to read your mummy's blog, and read about her pain, as she had to do the unthinkable and plan your funeral. But I also read older posts,  I read about the joy that you had brought to the family, of how much love had surrounded you, and the struggle your siblings had had just to come home.

It was the first blog I had ever really read. I had dipped in and out of blogs before, reading the odd post, but never really understood the story they had to tell.

Your mummy referred to you as a true "blog baby" and said that she hoped you would inspire others to blog, to share their stories.

And so you did, with your mummy's encouraging words a seed was planted. I read more and more blogs until eventually, I had the confidence to start my own.

So here we are, nearly a year since you went to sleep. So much has been achieved in your name, so many people still touched by your story.
Sleep well baby Tilda
Letters for Matilda Mae

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