Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Clothkits Pinny Review

 For Christmas, Little Owl and I were given a joint present of a 

Clothkits is new to me but Papa Owl apparently grew up in it!  The concept is that each kit contains everything you need to make the item - in this case a dress - which is lucky really because the only item I have sewn before was Little Owl's angel costume for the nativity play!

Here is what was in my kit - the material with the pattern already marked on it, material for the lining, buttons, labels to make it look professional, the right coloured thread and of course, the much needed instructions!

 This pattern is for ages 1-2, and the different sizes are marked on the pattern.  I really like this concept, for a beginner like me it means I don't have to worry about cutting patterns and pinning and tracing and all the other things that I imagine are involved in dress making!
 Here is the dress all cut out including straps, a pocket and a label!
 Laurel cat wanted to help, but cats really aren't very helpful 
when it comes to sewing as I found out....
 I then had to use the pieces I had cut out as templates 
for cutting the lining - what a good idea!
 As a newbie to sewing, I am always surprised how far into a project you are before you actually get the sewing machine out!  I really liked the fact that I got the right coloured cotton with my kit - its the small touches like that which makes Clothkits a much loved brand!
 The first bit of sewing was the straps - these were quite easy to do although 
turning them the right way round was a bit tricky!

 I then needed to pin the lining and the straps.  
I was a bit nervous but this was actually ok!

 Unfortunately I got myself in a pickle with the lining - twice!

After this the battery in my camera ran out but I was so determined to finish the dress,
 that I didn't even leave the room for refreshments!

The kit came with 3 buttons, 2 to hold the straps on and one to create a pleat at the back.

However, Clyde cat thought these were great fun to play with and they have never been seen since!

Luckily I had some press studs for another project that I never actually started, and with the aid of a mallet, managed to attach them to the dress!

It worked out well as I think the press studs look ace
 and I haven't the foggiest how to do button holes!

You can also see on this picture where I have 'top stitched' - you see I'm learning all the terms!

Just a pocked to add and all is good!
 Now you remember that 3rd button to go on the back?  That needed two button holes and well, I wasn't feeling that brave and also wasn't sure if it was really needed... but it turns out it is!  Without it the straps keep falling down.  I've cheated here too - I bought some small press studs to create the same pleat at the back.

Overall I think the kit, its contents and instructions are brilliant.  It includes everything you need to make the item as long as you can stop the cats from stealing them!  The instructions are easy to follow although as I've proved, not fall proof!  As I've shown, a beginner can pick it up and end up with a dress, an experienced sewer will end up with a  perfect dress!

I enjoyed doing this kit so much that I've now bought the Hat and Bag Kit to match!
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  1. what a super duper concept! i love it! x

    1. So do I - I wouldn't know where to start otherwise!

  2. It looks great. I'm looking forward to making my kit in autumn

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love the idea of this for a complete novice like me!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  4. wow well done you for making that, the kit looks great but I can't sew lol #TriedTested x

  5. Super cute dress - and it sounds like a great idea to have everything you need all in the kit. I've never really tried dressmaking - me and sewing machines don't get on but maybe I should give it a try!

    1. You definitely should - there are some super cute giraffe trousers that Toby would love!

  6. Oooh I grew up dressed in Clothkits, often I'm matching outfits with my little sister. I told mum about this post this evening and she's off to see if they do anything she could make for Potato. This dress is very cute

    1. Oooh - let me know what she chooses! I hadn't heard of it before Papa Owl introduced me to it.

  7. Gosh I remember Clothkits. Didn't know they were still around! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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