Monday, 7 April 2014

Cross Mondays Week #3

Sorry for the very late Cross Monday.  Little Owl just wouldn't settle tonight, and after two hours of trying I have given up and brought her back downstairs.  She is currently sat on the sofa next to me, with a bottle of milk and a book.  She was amused when I got the cross stitch out to photograph as she hasn't seen it yet!  It is something I keep for the evenings when she has gone to bed!!!

After writing last weeks post I realised that it was going to take me over a month to go round the entire boarder.  That just seemed a long time so I started cheating - about half way down the right hand side, I stopped doing the second stitch (which completes the cross) on the vine.  I will have to go back and complete it at some point but for now I just need to get all the way around so I have some markers to work from.

And here lies my fear.  I have counted and double counted every stitch.  I have had to undo and redo many a stitch but I'm hoping that means I really have got it right!  Usually when you start in the middle you build out slowly meaning you have other stitches to guide you and double check yourself.  

I haven't got this and I'm nervous.  Very nervous.  I won't know until I reach the top if I have got it spot on.  One stitch out and... well... lets hope that isn't the case!

Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. It's looking good! On my recent sampler I'd made a mistake with the border and I had to unpick a fair amount as it didn't match up! I'm crossing my fingers for you! Good idea to go around just doing half the stitch at a time, I've never thought of that!

    1. Keep an eye out tomorrow to see how it turns out! I've certainly set myself a challenge with this one!


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