Monday, 21 April 2014

Cross Mondays Week #5

I've done the maths and its ok!  I'm sure none of you are really interested so I'll say it quickly and you can skip it but it was much simpler than I thought it would be.

I gained 15 squares at the top (from where there is space for a name on the pattern) and 84 squares from adding the extended border, totaling 99 squares.  I then looked at the height needed for the letters in this pattern and other patterns I have done.  I also checked out pinterest!  Basically, most characters are 11 squares high.  This means I have enough space for Little Owls full name and date of birth as well as an extra vine going across.  And a little spare as this only comes to 76 squares!  This is great as it means I don't need to squeeze her date of birth in somewhere else.  So the plan is to work up from the bottom, and down from the top and work out how I'm going to fill the space when I get there!
I love it!

I feel like its coming to life this week.  Adding the colours and the detail are great fun.  Now I've got started on it proper, each thread is adding depth and interest (rather than size when I was doing the border).  I must admit I'm being a bit lazy still, the red border going up the left hand side is not complete, I've just done half stitches so I have a guide to know where to place things on the inside.  I know I will have to go over these at some point, but they are a nice and easy thing to do if I'm really tired (or have a glass of wine!).

I've got a question for cross stitchers out there though - I need to sew the edge as its starting to fray - can I just do this with a running stitch on the sew machine?

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