Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Guide to TotsBots Nappies

We love TotsBots cloth nappies!  Little Owl tried her first one when she was about 3 weeks old and since then we have been hooked!  However, it can be very confusing at to tell the difference between easyfits, tinyfits, bamboozles, papoozles, V2s, V3s, V4s, training pants, fleece liners, paper liners and wraps.  Seeing as it is Real Nappy Week, I thought I would try to explain!

Easyfits are TotsBots signature nappy and have won them many awards over the years.  Easyfits are an "All-in-One" nappy meaning that you don't need a seperate waterproof cover.  They are also "Birth to Potty" meaning that the poppers on the front can be used to adjust the size of the nappy so it can fit babies from 8-35lb.   They really are easy to fit - they open like a disposable nappy but instead of sticky tabs, they have hook and loop (velcro to you and me but as that's a brand name you can't say it).

TotsBots aren't happy with having created an amazing nappy - they keep working on it, listening to customer feedback and trying to improve.  They are currently on version 4 - called the Binky or more commonly the V4.  As V2s and V3s are still available to buy I thought I would give you a quick overview of them all.
V2s contain bamboo which makes them very absorbent.  V3s are make from minky which is a soft fleece like fabric making the nappy much less bulky and very quick drying.  Generally they are not as absorbent as the V2s and many people find they need to add an additional booster if they are going to be on for more than a couple of hours.  This is easy to do and I found it gave us flexibility depending on what Little Owl and I were up to.  V2s and V3s also come with poppers instead of velcro hook and loop which can be handy in the summer with a toddler who can undo the other type. The V4s are brand new and are a best of both worlds being made from a combination of bamboo and minky making them the most absorbent nappy yet but also dry slightly quicker than the V2s.  I have given our V4 the ultimate test of putting it on Little Owl at night and although her skin was slightly damp around the edges, her clothes remained dry!  Another thing I like about the V4s (other than the amazing colour combination) is that it comes with a pop-in booster meaning that while your little one isn't wetting too heavily you can remove it and save on the bulk. When they grow, you can just popper the booster back in and it becomes part of the nappy.

Tinyfits are well, tiny!  Designed for tiny babies from 5-12lb.  I didn't use these with Little Owl as when she was born I had no intentions of using cloth nappies, but if we are lucky enough to have another baby, I will be stocking up!

These are one half of the "Two Part System" meaning you also need to add the waterproof wrap.   The whole nappy is made of bamboo and comes with a pop in booster if you need it which makes them a great night time nappy or for very long car journeys (or busy days). The poppers on the front means it is adjustable and fits from 9-35lbs.

Wraps are a waterproof outer layer that need to be worn over the bamboozles.  The TotsBots wraps used to come in several sizes, but if you look at the new stretchy wrap on the right, you can see that it has the adjustable poppers on the front meaning that it can also be used from birth to potty.

Training Pants
I love the TotsBots training pants.  Unlike disposable training pants which are actually just nappies that you can pull up, these training pants are a real step between nappies and pants, even if you haven't used cloth nappies.  They have a thin minky liner in them which will absorb a small accident but allow the child to know that they are wet.  They also have side poppers so if they need removing, it can be done like a nappy without the need to take off shoes and trousers!  I have been using them on and off for about a year, I find them particularly useful when I go away without cloth nappies as they can be easily hand washed and dried - they were invaluable in India and I even took them camping last year!

So there you go, that's TotsBots all wrapped up if you will pardon the pun!

There are lots of offers about this week, but once all the fun of Real Nappy Week is over, the code RH10 will get you 15% off if you order on the TotsBots website (excludes Whats New, Clearance and Potion).
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  1. I loved my Bamboozle stretches, we never had a leak or a poop explosion using them. Unfortunately now my kiddos are 16 months old I just can't use two part systems anymore, they do not like to lie still long enough for me to get one nappy on them let alone the cover as well! Maybe I should give the Easyfits a try.

    1. You definitely should - especially the V4s as they are so absorbent - I think you'll be impressed1

  2. We love Bamboozles for night time and have never had a leak (except the time daddy left the nappy poking out of the top of the wrap!). The only other Tots Bots we have tried is an EasyFit V3 which although is one of my favourite nappies to look at (we have one of the Frugi prints) performance is rubbish and it leaks a lot of the time, even if it's only been on an hour. I really want to try a V4 though as I've heard they're much better. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to win one this Real Nappy Week!

    1. Fingers crossed for you - I won a small bundle of nappies last year including a V3!

  3. I love my tots bots although I have to admit that I have never tried the training pants. I would love an easyfit in the rocket print. Great guide

    1. Thanks. I've had so much use out of the training pants - it was using them in India that made me realise that Little Owl was ready for pants.

  4. I'm yet to try a Bamboozle but they are definitely on my list. You have an awesome stash of nappies!


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