Monday, 28 April 2014

Cross Mondays Week #6

Not much progress to show this week as a certain Little Owl turned two and so my evenings were filled with present wrapping and cake making!

I'm really enjoying it coming together at the moment, adding the detail and bringing it all to life.  A small change, an additional colour really adds to it all.  People keep asking me how long I think its going to take, but that's a bit of string question.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was still stitching it in 2015, actually, I would be surprised if I wasn't!

The pattern itself can be divided into 5 distinct areas - 3 panel on the design, the extra panel that I am adding to hold Little Owl's name, and the border.  So far I have started 2 of those areas, but neither are complete and yet here I am - 6 weeks in!

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