Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All by myself....

...don't wanna be all by myself... (imagining scene from Bridget Jones in my head...)
Papa Owl and I are both teachers which has the wonderful added bonus that we have had the last 5 weeks together, spending time with Little Owl.  We have shared everything, which made tonight, when Papa Owl had to go out, a bit of a shock to the system!
It all started to go wrong with dinner.
I gave Little Owl some pencils to play with while I cooked the well known dish Beans on Toast!  Little Owl thought the best way to play with pencils was to throw them on the floor and I discovered that we had no bread, Beans on Toast became Beans on Beans!
The next challenge was the bath, normally Papa Owl's domain, but I was ahead of the game - or so I thought.  Our water pressure is practically non-existent and so I knew the trick of running the cold water while Little Owl was on the loo...  apparently the water pressure has improved and I had a foot of cold water in the bath!
It was while I was washing Little Owl's hair that I realised that I hadn't got her bottle, unable to leave her in the bath or anywhere nearby we both headed back downstairs to the kitchen - could I find a clean bottle?  Could I heck!
OK, so these weren't the biggest disasters and luckily the rest of bedtime went quite smoothly but I am getting quite nervous about the start of term!  We have a week left of Papa Owl at home, then its evenings and weekends only until Christmas.  However I'm quite looking forward to spending more time with Little Owl, just the two of us - I even have a little road trip planned!

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