Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cloth at Camp

We are a family of cloth nappies.  We didn't mean to be.  I used to scoff at people who thought they would use them and gave up - I mean - why would you when you can just chuck a nappy in the bin?
Then Little Owl was born.
Both Papa Owl and I were horrified at the amount of waste being produced by such a little creature.
And so began our cloth journey.
That's a story for another post.
We use cloth nappies both day and night and well as washable wipes, and a packet of disposables will last us months.
Up until now however, we haven't taken any cloth items away with us - storage and washing have always put me off, but this time we thought we would give it a go.
We took with us a few Totsbots Training Pants.  Little Owl isn't quite ready to potty train but she has been using the potty since she was about 6 months and the toilet since she turned 1.  Little Owl will sometimes sign to us when she needs to use the potty, and so I use the training pants when we are at home near the potty as they are much easier to get on and off.  If Little Owl doesn't sign in time, then the training pants will hold one wee, but not much more so she will know she is wet.
I felt these were good to take on camp as they are small and quick drying and didn't matter if she leaked when on the grass.
I also packed some Cheeky Wipes.  These must be one of the most useful baby items I have invested in.  We have two packs - pink for nappy changes and green for clearing up after meals and general face and hand washes.  These were brilliant at camp as it meant we always had a wet flannel to hand.
Cheeky Wipes come with two boxes, one to store the wet wipes in, and 'mucky' box to store used wipes in.  While at camp I also stored the used nappies in this box.  I washed the nappies and wipes using travel wash and hung them to dry on a makeshift line.

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