Friday, 16 August 2013


No rest for the wicked, and as excited as we were to be in our living room we were feeling a bit on show in the evenings with no curtains!
I only learnt how to use a sewing machine this year, so was in no way up to the task of making them.  Luckily Papa Owl's mum is a bit of an expert!
I tried really hard to pay attention with the hope that I could one day make my own (hmm.... dream world) but fear I got lost along the way!
I do know that we started with 16m of curtain fabric and for an hour or more we measured.  We measured the fabric 3 times, we measured the height from the curtain pole to the floor, twice, each.  And then we got Papa Owl to measure it just to make sure.  We then measured and pinned the fabric before measuring it once more.

Finally it was time to cut!
Big moment!
And breath!
We now had 5 lengths of fabric that were all thankfully the same length and a bit spare for making cushions (back in my dream world....).
I was following at this point.  I can do maths.  And I know that 5 doesn't make a pair of curtains so next we had to cut one of the lengths in half. 
Then it was time to sew (well after lunch of course).  Two full lengths and the half width lengths were sewn together - we now had two HUGE pieces of fabric.

I'm a little bit vague about how the rest of the curtains were made...
Lining was added.

I did some ironing.
Tape was sewn on (this was quite complicated...)

We then hung the curtain to know how long to make the hem.
Somewhere about here my mother-in-law took pity on me, and took the curtains home to finish off!
Not sure I made a very good apprentice but I do know my mother-in-law made fantastic curtains!

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