Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Play Days

Today we took a trip to the park.

We didn't know what to expect, we thought we might be there for an hour, perhaps longer if we bumped into someone we knew. 
What we saw was amazing!  An entire field absolutely jam packed with activities.  They really did cover all age ranges, and while I focused mainly on things that Little Owl could take part in there really was children climbing trees!

We started by playing in the sand

we thought it would be cleaner 
than playing with the mud

but then Little Owl found the water!

There were boxes for children to paint (and hide in)

Or the chance to make your own boxes
with hammers and saws!
I think this was for painting
but we didn't see any paper!

There really was a lot to see and do!  The park was packed with children of all ages which felt a little over whelming with Little Owl at times so we headed to the fenced off area that was being staffed by the Children's Centre especially for 0-5 year olds.  There was a buggy park right next to it so there was no risk of little fingers being run over, and two adults from the Children's Centre stood there making sure no little ones left without their adults!  Inside there was loads of toys for the kids to play with, and a gazebo in the corner with a few seats and rugs for those mummies who were breastfeeding - they really had thought of everything!

There were toys to climb on...

and toys to ride on!

Places to hide....

and places to get messy!

Did I mention getting messy?

In fact there was so much to do that Little Owl
just didn't know what to do next!

In the end we spent nearly 4 hours in the park!  We never expected to find so much to do and all for free!  Thank you so much Hastings Borough Council and Hastings & St Leonards Children's Centres - can't wait for the Play Days next year!

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