Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Climbing Adventures

When you find out you are expecting your first child, you start imagining how family life will be together, and what adventures you will get up to.  For Papa Owl this meant climbing, his greatest passion.

Despite my best efforts, Papa Owl caught on to the fact that I was never going to be a climber shortly after we started dating.  He had been curious when I insisted on wearing my sunglasses, a cunning plan on my part to hide the tears as my feet left the ground and I found myself stuck and alone halfway up a cliff face! Ok - so I was only 5 foot off the ground but try telling that to my quivering knees!

After that, it was agreed that my only role in climbing would be to sit at the bottom on a picnic blanket, book in hand, maybe occasionally being asked to hold the end of a rope.I also agreed that any children we had would be encouraged to climb - I'm happy for this - I know I'm a complete wuss but it doesn't mean I want my kids to be (in fact I want to positively train them to catch spiders)!

Papa Owl did some research and discovered that the smallest climbing harnesses fits from age two.  I knew that meant from next year we would be going on regular climbing trips, plenty of time for me to stock up on books and sunscreen!

However, we had a preview this week as a visiting relative fancied a go at climbing.  Picnic blanket in hand we set off for Harrisons Rocks - a local place known for its climbing.

Hidden amongst the trees, we set up camp and Papa Owl set up the ropes. Little Owl played in the sand at the bottom, and mainly ate her picnic and waved at passers by!  Little Owl is not yet walking on her own beyond a few steps, and she only discovered crawling last week (although is a master of the bum shuffle).  This didn't stop Papa Owl taking her over to a large slab of rock and helping her clamber all over it. The grin on Little Owl's face could only be matched by that on Papa Owl's face - I think his dreams are coming true!

Yes, I can see that I am going to be spending a lot of time sat on a picnic blanket...


  1. Oh gosh, I couldn't either! My kids are in serious training to become skiers - despite the Bug's lack of enthusiasm for it - to comply with their father's hobby!

    1. Skiing?! I'm just hoping when she is bigger they can head off together leaving me time at home alone!

  2. I wonder what is the deveopment of this event =)

    My husband is a keen kayaker and the look on his face when he bought my son a wetsuit is priceless =)


  3. Aww I just love that photo. They look pleased with themselves and their faces show they are having a lovely time. I really dislike climbing too. I went walking in the Lake District and we were going higher and higher and I remember sitting on a rock crying thinking I was going to have to be airlifted because I just couldn't go any further up or down I was so scared. I did manage it in the end...never again!! Thanks for linking up again to #GoldenOldies via www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  4. So cute - what a lovely thing that they can do together #GoldenOldies


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