Monday, 16 September 2013

First Shoes

The final step from babyhood to toddlerhood has been taken with the arrival of Little Owl's first pair of proper shoes!

When little owl took her first steps way back in June we rushed down to the local shoe shops all excited, but with a small range in one shop and terrible customer service in the other, we walked away empty handed.

In hindsight this was quite fortunate as it was another 12 weeks before Little Owl really got the hang of this walking business and its best for little feet to be bare for as long as possible.

The hunt for shoes began again.  I started hunting the internet for local independent shoe shops but my searches kept leading back to Livie and Luca. I had come across Livie and Luca shoes right back at the beginning of the year from a review on another parenting blog.  Once you have seen their shoes you won't forget them!

Papa Owl was nervous about buying shoes over the internet but the lovely Natalie at Livie and Luca helped us measure Little Owls feet at home. The task sounded simple. Ask your toddler to stand on a sheet of paper and draw round their feet.

Hmmm... So easy when your toddler is new to this standing business and is immensely interested in what you are doing with a pen by her feet!
This was our attempt, I can assure you Little Owls feet are perfectly formed and its our drawing skills that are lacking!  Little Owl's feet measured 12cm in length.

Livie and Luca shoes are hand made  and come in American sizes. 12cm was equivalent to a US4 but only just. However Little Owl's feet would swim in a US5.  This is when Natalie made a very kind and generous offer - she would send us a pair of size 4s free so we could test them out for size.

The shoes arrived on Wednesday and I was so excited that I didn't even mind that the postman prematurely woke little Owl from her post swimming nap!

The shoes are beautiful! I can't explain how lovely they are to hold, how soft they feel and how flexible they appear.
But most importantly - they fit! Cinderella shall go to the ball!
There isn't much if any growing room length wise so I will have to keep an eye on that. I was worried the width would be too wide as I had read many reviews about how great these shoes are for wide fitting feet but the width is fine, especially with socks or tights now the weather has turned chilly. The Velcro adjustment on the shoe also helps with the width fitting helping to secure them in place.
But most importantly of all - what does Little Owl think?
She LOVES them!!! Its been a hard job convincing her to take them off before a bath or bedtime!

It really has been the last step in her transformation into toddlerhood.  Last night she walked from the car to our house, not needing to be picked up or even to hold my hand.  I felt a little sad for me at this transformation but also so proud and excited for her as her world now opens up!
These shoes were made for walking, and running, and dancing!


  1. They look gorgeous and I have a toddler with very wide feet so I may check them out!

    1. You really should - he'll love the elephant shoes!

  2. Those shoes are sooo cute! They sound lovely and great customer service too. Wish I had a little one to buy first shoes for lol! :-) #GoldenOldies

  3. Oh wow! They are lovely! I would be nervous of buying shoes on line too but it looks like you had no problems. Fab!

  4. I just love toddlers in little shoes they always look so cute and like a proper little boy or girl. Not a baby anymore :) these look great and what lovely service online too thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies


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