Monday, 2 September 2013

September, New Year, New Beginnings

In a household where both adults are teachers, September really is the start of the year.  Papa Owl will return to his job, but with new kids and new colleagues he isn't sure what the new year will bring.  And me, well I don't have a job to go back to, not yet, well not for sure.

This summer has been odd.  I left my job at the begging of the holidays without a job to go to. Initially I was reasonably hopefully about finding another job, but as time went on, nothing firm had been confirmed I realised this might not be quite as easy as I had thought...  August is dead as far as teaching jobs are concerned.

So this summer has been all about Papa Owl.  I am a lady of leisure (who does need work but we'll worry about that in September).  Little Owl has loved having both parents around, she has been totally spoilt!  It didn't take long until I could be heard saying things like "she's going to really miss her Daddy when he goes back to work".

And she is.  I'm looking at them now, all cuddled up in bed, almost mirroring each other.  They've had adventures a plenty, leaving Mummy at home they go off to the swings or down to the library (I've never taken Little Owl to the Library).  Papa Owl has gone to singing groups as well as to swimming, taking Little Owl of course.

He is the one to go to her first thing in the morning, usually changing her nappy before bringing her to see me (I will still be in the land of nod).  Little Owl has responded by perfecting her pronunciation of "Dada" even calling to him from the cot when she wakes.

Yes, Little Owl is going to miss her Dada.

I've spoken before about how I'm a little nervous about Papa Owl going back to work, getting used to doing everything myself again.  Part of the challenge is to organise the house.  We have been using the nappies straight from the line, although we rarely change Little Owl on the top floor, which has meant all summer one person would take Little Owl to the loo while the other got a nappy.  Not the most sensible but with all the changes that have been happening in the house, rooms having different purposes, it somehow has just drifted.

But that is not all. I have been secretly looking forward to having Little Owl all to myself again. Going on our little adventures, seeing friends or just having a lazy morning at home, whatever we get up to, sometimes knowing its just the two of us is great!

As September draws nearer, however, my mind has also begun to think about work.  Quietly working out how long I can live on the money I've got put by, 6 weeks perhaps if I'm careful with my spending, which gives me 6 weeks to try and earn some more money to stretch that a further.  Trying to work out in my head how much I could get from the working at home jobs I might have secured, could I hobble on to Christmas without a proper job?  Perhaps, but things would be tight, really tight.

These are the thoughts that are going through my head as September creeps closer.  Making contacts with various agencies as staff return from their holidays, making sure they remember me, are thinking of me when work comes in.  Its all pleasant chatter and lots of agreement, but nothing concrete is said.

There are bits of work that I can do from home, not long term, not for now, but I like the idea of these different projects that might build over time. A new career perhaps? But for now they won't pay the mortgage...

I start to console myself, there is still one pay cheque to come, I will probably be alright for another month, Little Owl and I will go walking, that's cheap and its exercise, we will plan each day, our own little adventures, it'll be alright.

Then BANG!

I get a phone call from an agency, wanting to confirm what I was after, yes only 3 days, yes they can be any days, no - not a long term job - not yet (although I'm beginning to loose my nerve on that one). She hangs up so she can ring the school back.

15 minutes go by.

Another call, yes they are interested, the head would like to speak to me, when? Now! I am transferred.  I'm talking to the head teacher at a school.  They need a maths teacher.  What age did I prefer? How about the disinterested I'm asked? Oh they're my favourite I reply!  They would like to see me. When? They start back Tuesday. Tuesday? No, its INSET they want me there for that! Monday? Yes Monday, for a chat. And Tuesday for INSET then we shall see after that.


I have a job? Possibly. Probably.

3 days a week, starting next week if all goes to plan.

My time with Little Owl is gone, snatched away from me before it even began.

Interview on Monday, work on Tuesday, possibly two more days next week too.  And the other work, the work I had organised to do from home, that needs fitting in too.

Little Owl has only just started walking, by the next holiday, 8 long weeks away, she will have changed so much.

Where has my special time with her gone?
These have been my holidays too, and I took them for granted.

I start to stare at her, drinking in every moment, the rise and fall of her breath, her mannerisms, her understanding, her 'speech' as she chatters away.  Even more now I am looking forward to our road trip, some time together.

I love this little girl with all my heart.  I have been sharing her for the last 6 weeks, and now I must share her again.

Monday.  Who knows what Monday will bring? Maybe it doesn't all work out... Only time will tell.

This morning.  This morning is all about teaching Little Owl how to blow raspberries on Papa Owl's belly!


  1. oh gosh, that made me feel all teary. I'm going to have to plough through your posts now to find out what happened next...... :(
    I am DREADING going back to work.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting - it made me re-read this post. Don't dread going back, not if you enjoy your work, or even if its just ok, because I do really enjoy my days on my own with Little Owl so much more when I've been away from her for a bit.


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