Thursday, 26 September 2013

Little Owl @ 17 Months

10 - and didn't we know about that last tooth!  There is now 3 on the bottom, not looking forward to its partner making an appearance!

28 - new signs this month are Horse, Cat, Thank you, Share (although doubt she understands what this means), Book, Where, Pick up, Duck, Bird and Sock.
No new words this month as such but Little Owl often says "where mumma is?" to anyone who will listen if I go out of sight!  However, she isn't fussy as I have heard her say the same about Papa Owl!

New things this month
  •  Shoes have really made this baby a toddler!  Its lovely to walk with Little Owl when we are out and about, watching her explore the world anew!  Although, stopping her picking up everything she sees is becoming a challenge!
  • Drawing - I'm having to hide all the pens in the house!  Luckily most of the ones lurking around have retractable tips!  But one thing is becoming more apparent - we're pretty sure Little Owl is going to take after her mum and be a lefty!

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