Saturday, 7 September 2013

New beginings, one week on...

It was a huge decision to leave my old job after seven years, stepping out into the unknown, looking for a better work life balance.  I officially finished my old job on 31st August, over three months after I had handed in my notice.  Three months to plan, three months to worry, both a blessing and a curse.
Here I am now, 7th September, one week into my new life.
I've worked more this week then any week since I started my maternity leave!  Not exactly the work life balance I have been looking for.  A new job and INSET days have meant I have been in school four days this week.  The nerves and pressure that go with the beginning of term have meant this has been an exhausting week.  By the time I limped home on Friday, I had a banging headache, couldn't stand up straight and could barely open my eyes.  No such thing as a gentle start in teaching!
Little Owl has enjoyed spending time with her Grandparents, and has come home each day ready for bed, yawning her way through dinner and her bath - we even skipped the bath one night!  I have missed Little Owl so much this week, it really was hard leaving her on the first morning.  I could tell she was unsure of what was happening and while I know that she will be loved and looked after by Grandma Owl, I couldn't help feeling that I was abandoning her.  She's too young to understand that term has started and that I'll be back at the end of the day.  Six weeks is a long time when you are 16 months old to remember that its ok not to be with Mummy all day.  By Friday she was fine, quite happy to see her Grandma, and even more excited to see her Granddad!  Little Owl became Granddad's shadow, not leaving him alone, even sitting on his lap while he typed an email!
During the three months in the run up to this 'new start', I was also hunting for some work I could do at home.  After a slow start, I finally have some.  Of course this has happened at the same time I have got a 'proper' job, so today Papa Owl took Little Owl off for the day so I could do some of that work too.
So that's 5 days worked this week!
I'm tired but its an OK kind of tired. 
Think this term is going to be a long one...

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