Friday, 13 September 2013

Knitting Fridays

So it looks like last weeks right?  Well this is the front and that was the back which you can see on the left as I haven't found a stitch holder yet!

I love knitting clothes for small people - they are so quick!  A bit of a whoops when I realised that I hadn't changed needles after finishing the rib, so its going to be a bit tighter than it should be but as long as it fits that doesn't matter!


  1. If I haven't got a stitch holder I just thread a bit of wool through the stitches and tie it in a bow. It's easy enough to put it back on a needle when you need it. This post reminds me I have a cardigan I knitted for my son before he was born (he's now 2 months) that I finished all the bits of but never sewed up. Bet it's too small for him now!

    P.S How's the teaching boys been going?

    1. That's a smart idea - will try that as I haven't found my stitch holders yet!

      Boys are interesting, confident as a whole and dominate the girls... enjoying it though!


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