Monday, 11 November 2013

Sleep Baby Sleep

We were so cocky

Our newborn baby slept

All the way through the night quite often

Others struggled, we sympathised but OUR BABY slept!

Little Owl was an easy newborn as far as sleep was concerned

Then things changed.

We got all out of kilter when Papa Owl was on summer holidays.

Now I don't do 'routine' but perhaps we had formed one without realising and then, we changed

Going away to visit family in Holland probably didn't help.

Camping for 8 days with 7000 scouts and guides really didn't help!

The end of the summer came and our baby WOKE every 2 hours!

We limped on for, well the whole school year really.

Kept hoping for a miracle cure

If we just tried this one thing, then maybe she will sleep tonight?

But she didn't

Summer came round again and we decided it was time to take action.

And we did.

Nothing major.

Subtle changes.

We bought the No Cry Sleep Solution but only read 4 chapters

But it was enough to start a conversation

To tweak things a bit

Earlier dinner

Earlier to bed

A bottle to drink from in the night

Leave the landing light on

And to re-settle her when she woke rather then the easy option of taking her to our bed

It worked

Over a space of a few weeks Little Owl started to sleep all the way through to 5:20!

We had our evenings back.

We were getting more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep!

Life was good.

We even began to discuss the possibility of encouraging her to sleep later.

We got greedy.

Something changed.

We didn't notice it happening.

But Little Owl wasn't sleeping.

Up once or twice in the evening.

Then again not long after we went to bed.

We were tired.

It was the end of a long term.

Too tired to resettle.

To tired to think straight.

Back to the beginning.

Where did we go wrong?

Need to start again but what had changed?

Earlier meals and nights.

That helped.

The bottle is being rejected.

Change the bedding.

Sleeping bag?


Sleeping bag and duvet?

She slept til 2!

Perhaps she was cold.

Forgot the sleeping bag and she woke and often.

Definitely cold.

Found a fleece sleep suit.

Tried that with the duvet...


A one off?



Will she do it again?
No, but this time it was 3am.
And we do have our evenings back.
Must not get greedy.
She will sleep when she is a teenager right?
Night all x


  1. I am waiting for my boys to hit the teenage years and then it will be payback time! Sleep is so much fun I really don't get what their aversion is but Archie is just the same, slept better at 3 months than he is at 8!

    1. I'm holding on to the fact my parents have assured me that by the age of 3 I did sleep *most* nights - @18months Little Owl is half way there!!!


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