Wednesday, 20 November 2013


It was one of those days with lots of errands, not so much mine but my parents and I'd been ask to act as chauffeur to help speed things up and save them from parking each time.

Stop one was my mum's first errand and left my Dad, Little Owl and I in the car. Little Owl was asleep already after a superb effort at swimming in the morning. Mum gets back in the car and we go to stop two and drop her off before going to stop 3. Stop 3 was a shop - the good news was that we got parked outside, the bad news was it was shut. Still, at least we didn't wake Little Owl up.

Stop 4 was my errand and as I couldn't park I just stopped in the road and dropped my item off before heading to stop 5 to pick my Mum up. Do you see the type of day it is becoming?

On the way to stop 6 I noticed a rather unpleasant smell but chose not to say anything. Stop 6 was my Dad's errand (on behalf of my brother) which he failed to complete and upon returning to the car, he noticed a rather unpleasant smell but again didn't say anything. The smell was getting stronger.

Stop 7 and it was my Dad's turn to stay in the car whilst my Mum and I visited a few shops. The smell was really unpleasant now and as we got out of the car Little Owl woke. My Mum said to me "I think your daughter has done something in her nappy - let's be quick".

Now that thought had just been occurring in my mind - but at 18 months I have only had 5 dirty nappies since Little Owl turned one - the thought of her producing one in her sleep seemed unlikely - but if not - what was that smell?

Stop 7 took longer than expected and we returned to the car to find my Dad frozen and huddled in the front seat - he said he couldn't decide whether to stay in the car with the smell which by this time was getting unbearable or stand outside in the cold. I couldn't take the smell and opened the windows as we drove back to stop 6.
On the second visit, my Dad managed to complete his errand at stop 6 but by this time the smell was really getting strong and the window remained open at stop 8 and then for our return journey back to my parents house.
I was surprised that Little Owl wasn't making a fuss about the stink bomb in her nappy and I braced myself as I got her out of the car and into the house to change.  I really wasn't looking forward to it.... I'd stopped using liners ages ago as there seemed not point and never before had she produced anything this bad.  Not being at home, it took a bit of time to make sure I had everything needed to perform this stinkiest of changes, but eventually I couldn't put it off any longer... I undid her nappy and...
It was empty. 
Lovely white minkee staring back at me. 
So it wasn't Little Owl.
I call to my Dad who then goes on a sniff inspection of our shoes - surely one of us must have trodden in something.
Back to the car for a full sniff inspection.
The smell had gone.
Couldn't find it anywhere.
That was until...
we opened the fridge!
At stop 5 my mum had bought....

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