Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Baby Show with TotsBots

I love The Baby Show, in fact any show, I did the wedding show a couple of times, and have even been to the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally, oh - and the Outdoor Show at the NEC.    Actually the first show I ever went to was when I was 19.  It was The Dive Show at the NEC and I was working on one of the stands.  I haven't a clue about diving but I remember a couple got married in a tank and it made the local news!

I like to see all the products at the shows and interact with the people behind them, especially the brands at the Baby Show as I have followed many of my favourites on Facebook and feel like I know some of them well. 
I went to my first Baby Show when pregnant with Little Owl, and have been to two shows since she was born!  As Little Owl is now a toddler, I had thought that perhaps that we had out grown the show and was struggling to justify buying a ticket this year so was over the moon when TotsBots said they would give us a complementary ticket!
We are big fans of TotsBots nappies since Little Owl tried her first one at just 5 weeks old and I was delighted a few months ago when I was asked to become a Fluffragette - a brand ambassador for TotsBots.  As well as entry to the show, the lovely Fiona (founder of TotsBots) treated all the Fluffragettes to lunch.  It was great to meet each other in 'real life' after months of chatting on Facebook, although I felt I knew some of the babies already from their pictures!

After lunch it was time for some shopping, I had written a little list!  First stop was the TotsBots stand of course!  I wanted to buy some more Potion - I just love Little Owl's nappies smelling of Mint Humbug!  I snuck a tub of Parma Violets in too just to see what it was like!

Next on the list was me&i who are a Swedish clothing company with some fantastic designs.  I bought a beautiful dress from them at a previous show, but as Little Owl still hasn't grown into it my aim this time was to buy something in her size, and look what I found!

Little Owl looks gorgeous in it, I shall post a picture of her wearing it soon!

Next I came across the Cheeky Wipes stand, I'm a big fan of their products which means I have everything I need, but I couldn't resist these new Rainbow Microfibre Wipes - they are so pretty!  Luckily there was another Fluffragette at hand to go halves with!

The final item on the shopping list was a new body warmer from Konfidence.  Little Owl is doing so well on her swimming and when she is warm she'll happily stay in the water for ages after her lesson has finished.  Konfidence body warmers do what they say on the label! 

All the shopping completed, we were about to head home when I spotted the Oyster stand.  Although we mainly carry Little Owl, we love our Oyster pushchair for when wheels are needed - such was mammoth shopping trips. 
However, when I put Little Owl in it on the morning of the show I noticed the straps were tight.  As I was passing their stand, I thought I would stop and ask if it was possible to loosen the straps any more then I had.  Apparently I had done all that I could so the lovely man said he would post me some extra long straps - and he did - they arrived two days later!

This time I really was heading for the exit when Little Owl caught sight of a huge bunny on the Aden + Annis stand.
The lovely staff asked if they could take some photos of Little Owl to share on their Facebook page and in return they gave her a Kangaroo.

I like bright colours and so probably wouldn't have chosen this grey toy but Little Owl absolutely adores it!  She cuddles it when she is tired and its the only toy ever to have been taken out in the sling!

So that was it.  Our day out at The Baby Show - thank you TotBots! 


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. I wish I had been able to make it and join you all... ah well. Next show maybe?!

    1. It would be great to get us all together sometime!

  2. What a great haul! It was lovely to meet you and the gorgeous little owl and our shopping bags look much the same with potion and some me and I goodies in too x

    1. I must admit I'm a little bit more in love with the boys clothes at me&i then I am with the girls - your two look great in them!


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