Saturday, 1 February 2014

Little Owl @ 21 Months

Look at my grown up girl! 
The ten days she has spent in India have somehow made her seem more grown up! 
No new teeth this month but the canines are now very visible and appear incredibly pointy!
Signs and Speech
These have developed amazingly over the past couple of weeks.  As well as new words shoe, hi, up, me and stop, Little Owl has a new favourite phase "that's my mummy" which she uses whenever someone asks her name or tries to engage her in conversation such as "are they your shoes?" to which Little Owl replies "that's my mummy's" picking up my shoes.  We've even started to have small conversations, but I have been so caught up in them that I have forgotten to write them down afterwards!  Must do better!
What's new?
Little Owl's hair has started to thicken up, its still very short but her scalp is no longer visible which is great news!

Swimming is going from strength to strength, she is more confident with 4 floats and I think is ready to try 3.  Little Owl has also started to swim with a noodle (woggle? long tube float thing?) which keeps her much more horizontal in the water.
I have also heard Little Owl singing to herself a couple of times - it is so sweet but she goes quiet if she thinks I am listening!
What else is new?  Little Owl has been on a plane - well 4 planes and been to India where she has seen lots of cows, goats, horses, chipmunks, dogs and cats!

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  1. Little Owl is almost the same age as Potato. He was 21 months on Monday. Keeping a record like this is a great thing to do. It sounds like her speech is pretty good. Potato has loads of words, not no sentences yet. The trip to India must have been incredible for her! Love her outfit :)


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