Friday, 14 March 2014

Backwards Meal

When I imagined parenthood, I somehow thought that I was going to magically turn into a domestic goddess, with healthy home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients every night.

But life doesn't always work out like that.

Tonight, I arrived home with Little Owl at 6 o'clock from a long day at work. I was starving as my current school has lunch at 11:30 (and again at 1:30 but by that time you have eaten all your lunch and aren't really hungry anyway), and Little Owl was tired.

We try to eat at 6o'clock but that blatantly wasn't going to happen tonight, and with Papa Owl out at another meeting, I had to come up with something quick!

The trouble was that Little Owl was so tired and hungry, she just wanted Mummy cuddles.  Not very easy to do when you are trying to cook food.

This was where the backwards meal started...

I sat Little Owl at the table with a cup of milk, some flapjack and an orange.
 Meanwhile I was then able to put some fish fingers, a pizza and garlic in the oven - a bit random and not terribly healthy but it was all we had in the freezer that could be cooked from frozen in the shortest time!

Little Owl then said she wanted peas although she then said "no" when I got them out of the freezer. She pointed instead at the mixed veg.

By this time Little Owl had finished her pudding and was beginning to get restless, asking for cuddles again (it is so very cute when she signs cuddle).  So I popped the mixed veg in the microwave...

A second course of mixed veg begins...

Finally the food in the oven was finished and we could complete our meal as we should have begun!

The true reality of modern parenting!


  1. the trouble with this type of meal I found was the next day the teacher would say 'Now write down what you had to eat yesterday'. As long as your child is happy and fed does it matter that occasionally the food is 'odd'

    1. Brilliant! I am so going to be 'that' parent - poor teachers and poor Little Owl!


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