Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday

As a child my Grandma without fail would make me pancakes when I returned from school on Shrove Tuesday.  Always with sugar and lemon.  I remember it being a real treat, they were never made at any other time and never spoken about before hand either so I would come home wondering if any adults would even know it was Shrove Tuesday.
So now its my turn to start making those magical memories for Little Owl.
Here is my basic idiot guide to making pancakes - no pancake mix necessary or even any measuring of ingredients.  I like my pancakes thick, not like American pancakes but as thin as French crepes.
First you need to wash your hands!
You need eggs! Each egg probably makes 2-3 pancakes.

Add flour - best if sieved.


Keep adding flour until the mixture all comes together

Add milk and stir until you have a smooth pourable liquid
You can't ruin pancakes.  Too much flour or not enough milk and they'll just be thicker - hardly the end of the world!

If you have time, leave the mixture to 'rest' somewhere cool - the fridge is perfect but I didn't have space so it went in the pantry.

Little Owl was hungry when we got home from our group this afternoon and as Papa Owl was going to be late home we decided it was time for pancakes!

Make sure the pan is nice and hot, I always use butter but careful not to burn it!

I failed to flip it but at least I caught it!

We had Nutella on ours!

Little Owl loved it



  1. Great guide :) Beautiful pictures too - I wish I'd got one of my littlest repeatedly squeezing lemon on his and then licking it off. He didn't want the actual pancake!

    1. Thanks - it was quite an art form to take a quick snap before Little Owl could chuck the bowl on the floor!

  2. I am so useless at cooking that we had the ready made variety instead! haha hope you had a lovely day x

    1. Haha! You should give it a go - seriously - what is the worst that could happen?!!!

  3. looks like you had a great time :D


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