Thursday, 13 March 2014

So sorry if I was rude

This week is our busiest in the year. Papa Owl is on the organising team of a Scout event that happens at the end of March which involves 200 Scouts and about as many adult volunteers.  This is the week each year when he has to have face to face meetings with lots of people.

On Monday he had two meetings out of town and I had a meeting to go to too so Little Owl had a very late night out with me and the Trefoil Guild. Tuesday night's meeting was at our house so that made things easier, as was Wednesday night's meeting but I had to go out to Rangers.

So it was a busy evening in the Owl household. Knowing that time was tight, I thought I would try explaining to Little Owl that Mummy was going out and Daddy would be putting her to bed tonight. Her little face fell, and the bottom lip stuck out and this sad little voice said "mummy" followed by the sign for "milk" and "bed".

Bless her.

I figured we might just have time to get her in her pjs, I could give her a quick cuddle and then she could climb into bed with her bottle and lie down and Papa Owl could sit with her while I dashed out.

It worked, sort of, but in her sleepy state she realised it was Papa Owl with her, to which she was initially amused but then upset as she realised I wasn't there as well. I could hear cries of "mummy" as I dashed around the house, getting into my uniform and grabbing the things I needed...


It felt like someone was gripping my heart, it always does. She loves her Daddy but when she is tired and needing comfort she just wants her mummy, and her mummy should be there.

Suddenly the doorbell goes.


It must be someone for the meeting. They are nearly an hour early! Panic sets in.  I'm going to have to let them in, then swap with Papa Owl, calm Little Owl down, then bring her down to Papa Owl and try and sneak out of the door, and I was going to be late...

With the plan forming in my head, I opened the door...

"Good evening, I'm from..."

Oh no - not a friend but either a sales person, charity collector, politician or Jehovah Witness. The young man continued in a clear but slightly mono-tonal eastern European accent which made it hard to follow.  I didn't catch who is was from, he showed me an ID badge but as I didn't recognise the company, this didn't help.

He continued with his speel until he got to "are you a tenant or the owner?"

Still unsure who this man was, conscious of the mayhem that continued in the house, I seised my opportunity!

"That's not really any of your business" I said before stepping backward and shutting the door.

I don't think the man really understood what I said as he just continued to talk again and it wasn't until the door clicked shut, I heard the words "there's no need to be rude"

NO NEED TO BE RUDE?!!! You think that was rude? You come to my house, disturb my evening, while we were in the crucial stages of getting the baby to bed and YOU THINK I'M RUDE?!!!

Trust me, I could have been rude, I could have been F-ing rude - I could have told him where to go and then slammed the door in his face.

I could have shouted at him. I could have sworn, I didn't, I just told a stranger who approached my house uninvited to mind his own business.

How bloody dare he accuse ME of being rude!

How dare he come to MY house, interrupt MY evening and then accuse ME of being rude!

So angry.



  1. The cheek of him!!! I think I'd have been a LOT ruder... :)

  2. You were more restrained than I've been in the past. I remember having just settled a 10 month old Potato, an artist came to the door to try and sell paintings. I caught him just before he rang the bell, flinging the door open and growling "don't you dare ring the bell and wake my baby". Poor chap was petrified!!!


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