Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Little Owl @ 23 months

Still no sightings of those pesky back molars although they are giving Little Owl some gip!  She has however, had her first visit to the dentist!

Signs and Speech
Little Owl is still using signs to communicate, but as the words come through the signs are slowly dropping off - although she has started doing all the signs and actions along to songs now which is really cute!  And the words really are coming now - new this month is Grandma but Granddad is still a sign.  An "oooh" sound has been discovered which gives us "poo" and "bool" (ball).  "Peas" and "please" has been developed to give us "pee".  "Pear" and "bear" are new too.  Its like Little Owl is learning to spell at the same time as talk!   

What's new?
Well the new words might give you a clue - pee and poo are becoming quite dominant!  Little Owl has started wearing pants when we are at home!  I've even been brave a couple of times and taken her out in Totsbots training pants but only when I've known we won't be long!  Will she be dry by her birthday? Watch this space!
Something I have begun to notice with Little Owl is that she is beginning to get shy when meeting new people.  She'll hide behind my legs and take a while to make sure of things before coming out.  I guess I'm finding it strange as she has always been so confident, but until recently, when she met new people or went into a strange room, she would have always been in my arms.  Now she is more independent, she is looking for safety in me - it is very sweet!

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