Monday, 3 March 2014

Little Owl @ 22 Months

Teething has started again and those last 4 molars are beginning to move.  Its so hard to see them though, so although I'm pretty sure none of them have come through yet, I'm not too confident that I will know when they do!
Signs and Speech
Little Owl is still using lots of new signs even though her speech is starting to develop too.  She's actually started to make up some signs as well which is making life pretty confusing!  The phrase of the month is "and me" and the new words are "eyes" and "nose".  Her favourite new word (and sign) is "play".  She's starting to connect words with names, so you often hear "play dada", "no babbies" (the cats are still called babbies) or "mummy nose".  I can't remember if I have mentioned it before, but my current favourite sign is cuddle - how can I refuse Little Owl?
What's New?
The big news is that we have taken the side off of Little Owl's cot! I'm not sure why we waited so long.  She has NEVER liked going in the cot, and after she slept so well in a bed in India, I began to question why I was pushing it.  So far it has been a success but I will keep you posted!
We've also been doing a lot more nappy free time.  Little Owl has been clean since she turned one, but I haven't been that great at giving her nappy free time and I suspect she could with a bit of guidance, be nappy free quite soon.  I'm not pushing it though, like everything else so far in her short life, I'm letting Little Owl lead the way - I'm just providing the opportunity!

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