Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to crack a coconut!

For a recent recipe I had to use a fresh coconut.  All was good until I was about to start... faced with this hard nut, I wasn't even sure where to start!

Luckily my brother had some wise words!

 A coconut has a face - two eyes and a mouth.

 The mouth is softer so you can uses a skewer to create a hole...

 ...and drain the liquid.

 I grabbed a selection of tools from Papa Owl's tool box...

 I found the big heavy one worked best!

So there you have it!

How to crack a coconut in a few simple steps!


  1. Not your usual kitchen implements then! I wouldn't have known where to start either!

    1. It wasn't until I started on the recipe and read "and half a coconut" that I thought - how am I actually going to do this!

  2. I love real coconut and all the fun is in the hammer bit for the kids!

  3. Only tried it once and made a the kitchen tool kit!

  4. Good job your brother knew what to do


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