Friday, 2 May 2014

Little Owl @ 2 years

Little Owl is TWO!!!  My wonderful, beautiful little girl is 2 years old.  There has been so many changes and developments over the past month that its going to take several posts to catch you all up!

Still waiting for those last four pesky molars.  There's more dribble than we have ever seen, lots of poking of forefinger to the back of the mouth, lots of coughing in her sleep and yet still no sign of them!

Words and Signs
So many words and signs!  Before Little Owl's health visitor check we were making a list of her words and got to 50ish, since then there has been plenty more helped along by a new book One Mole Digging a Hole.  Little Owl is now happy with saying mole, hole and a whole host more!   The longest sentence so far has been "no that's my daddy's hat". 

What's New
Little Owl sleeps!  In her own bed!  All night!  Its a miracle! 

Honestly, after nearly 2 years of at least partial co-sleeping every night it was like someone just flicked the switch and one night she just slept through, and then she did the same the next night, and then the next!

The other huge change this month has been the switch to pants during the day!  Only one or two accidents over the last month so the nappy wash has shrunk considerably! 

So that's my Little Owl at two, the next year is going to see plenty more changes and I can't wait!

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  1. Many brilliant changes this month for your Little Owl! Great news about the potty training, sleeping and speech. Fantastic! #BinkyLinky

  2. They grow up so quickly dont they and its lovely when they start coming out with so many words!
    I cant believe my little man will be starting school this year! He still feels like my little baby lol!!


  3. How do you get him to stay in his bed all night?! Our twins are 2 and I daren't think about putting them in beds until they're at least 3! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    1. She just loves it so much she doesn't get out - even in the morning when she wakes, she calls us from her bed!

  4. Wow sleeping in her own bed. It is a dream in this house =P
    Happy birthday Lil Owl =) #binkylinky

  5. Aww such a huge achievement when your little one sleeps in their own bed at night. Such a lovely feeling when you get that full nights sleep :) thanks for linking up #GoldenOldies


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