Thursday, 8 May 2014

Owlfit of the Week

Little Owl has got some amazing outfits - honestly she's the best dressed owl in the house!  I've been thinking for a while about writing a regular post, sharing some of her best "Owlfits" but I have been prompted to actually get on with it by Ickle Pickle who has started a weekly linky called "Baby's Outfit of the Day".

So here is the first "Owlfit"
This photo was taken in India.  Little Owl had just helped to plant a mango tree to celebrate 50 years since the foundation stone was laid at Sangam and I like to think that she might travel back to Sangam in 50 years time to see how it has grown!
Planting a mango tree

Anyhow, back to the outfit!  Both the top and the skirt are from Frugi.  I really like Frugi as a company for their ethos of making "scrumptious organic clothing" that are designed to fit over cloth nappies.

The top like all Frugi tops, is super soft and lovely against the skin.  The skirt I just adore.  When I ordered it, I hadn't expected it to be full length (the image on the website was just of the skirt and not on a model) but it looked wonderful on her.  I'm not really into buying pretty dresses but this is bright and funky and made Little Owl look so grown up!  Its got a draw string cord around the waist so I'm expecting it to last years as it will also look very cute when its just about the knees (which is where I thought it was going to be).

If you haven't already checked out Frugi clothes, you really should.  They do kids clothes up to the age of 10 as well as a small range for breastfeeding Mums.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will come back for future "Owlfit of the Week" posts.  Now while Little Owl does have lots of clothes, I'm not sure she has 52 different outfits so there may be some repeats and expect to see a few dressing up clothes as well!

Ickle Pickles Life


  1. How adorable she looks so cute!
    Thanks for linking up #bootd

  2. Looks lots of fun! Thank you so much for linking up with my linky #bootd you are most welcome every week, dressing up and repeats are fine!! x

  3. The first ever item of clothing that Gwenn had bought for her was a Frugi sleepsuit but I haven't actually invested in any since. I might have a look in John Lewis next time I get a chance. Sounds like the skirt will last for ages; I'm all about the cost per wear ;-)


  4. Aww, I love the skirt, I would wear that myself!

  5. What a pretty little skirt - I love the longer length of it

  6. Bless, so cute! I keep meaning to check out Frugi as we do use cloth in our house. Thanks for linking to #TrendyThursday x


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