Thursday, 29 May 2014

Owlfit of the Week

I just love these trousers by Me Too.  I first discovered Me Too when I picked up a funky dress at TK Max.  Since then I have kept my eyes peeled for more of their clothes and via ebay, I have built up quite a collection including these trousers.  They are made of soft cord which is my favourite fabric for trousers, they are elacticated around the waist and have a band around the ankle to give them this baggy look.  These are aged 2 and Little Owl only just can keep them on her feet - really she needs shoes to hold them on!

Talking of shoes - here are her lovely blue converse again - they really have been a brilliant buy as they go with so many of her clothes.  The jacket is a hand me down from H&M and the top you can just see under it is also from H&M.  It is quite unusual to find black tops for babies and small children but it does suit Little Owl very well.  I originally bought the age 2-4 but it was massive so I went back and got the age 18 months one and it fits her really well.

Ickle Pickles Life


  1. Thank you for linking up with #bootd My sister LOVES her converse! Great photo x

  2. Love the funky trousers - they really do look fab! So looks so cute :-) the converse look cute too! #bootd xx


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