Thursday, 22 May 2014

Owlfit of the Week

You might recognise this photo from a Silent Sunday a couple of months back.  It was taken on Mothering Sunday and this dress is my 'go to' outfit for when I need Little Owl to look more girly!  I found the dress in TK Max and it is made by AphOrism, a brand I hadn't heard of before. This is one of the reasons why I like shopping in TK Max.  I love how the layers are all sewn together, so it all sits perfectly whatever Little Owl is doing!  

The bottom is elasticated meaning it kinda hooks itself up and hangs beautifully.  It also doesn't need ironing which is a must for me!

The tights come from Tesco and match perfectly.  I think they came as part of a set with shorts.  The boots are hand-me-downs from Clarks.

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  1. Lovely outfit, lovely photos! Thank you for linking up with my #bootd x

  2. That's so cute! I love TKMaxx, I always manage to find something when I get a chance to go in.

    Thanks for linking! x

  3. I love this, those boots are just lovely x


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