Monday, 16 June 2014

Cross Mondays Week #13

I haven't done much stitching this week - the end of Happy Valley and the start of the World Cup has meant little stitching!  You see, I said Papa Owl could watch the England matches... and then I said he could watch the opening match... and then he took it to mean he could watch Holland too cos that's like England right?  I wouldn't mind but he had fallen asleep every time!

So the World Cup is giving me plenty of time for blogging but not so much telly and stitching time!

The good news is that I have finished the first section!  And its only taken me 13 weeks, a quarter of a year... A quarter of a year to do a sixth of the project... so the total project could take me a year and a half... that gives me a projected finish date of 24th September 2015!!!

Haha - nothing like a deadline right?  And that gives me no time off for knitting!  

To keep on track, I need to finish the next section by 15th September this year - that feels like forever away!  In teaching terms, that's the end of this year (still quite a bit to go), the whole summer holidays and starting a new year!


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