Thursday, 26 June 2014

Owlfit of the Week

 Little Owl does like a hat... or two!

Just before we put the winter hats away for the summer, Little Owl had a play!

Her liking for hats is bordering on an obsession!  It is rare for Little Owl to be seen out without one.  It has been suggested on more than one occasion that she may become a milliner in later life! Now you might say that age 2 is too young to make predictions like that, but if she does, she would be following in the footsteps of her Great-Great-Grandmother who was a milliner with a shop in Lambeth.

Little Owl would love this hat!

The Little Life of Ickle Pickle
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  1. That's fantastic, love her huge collection x

  2. Great collection of photos and hats! N would laugh if he saw this

  3. My goodness, that's wonderful! Her hat collection is something to be proud of, that's for sure. My Ethan enjoys wearing hats but Felix is yet to put up with them on his head for long. I hope he'll get into hat wearing because I suspect our hat collection is even larger!!

    LOVE the family history here - fantastic! x


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